Corporate classes

Wellbeing for your employees

and your business


Which one is your company? 

For the employees, it’s an easy way to fit exercise into your working day and a low-cost alternative to the gym or studio classes. We come to you… so no excuses! Classes can be held during a lunch break, before or after work.


For the employers, providing exercise classes for your staff is proven to increase productivity and improve the general wellbeing of your employees. 

There have been a number of studies that demonstrate the benefits of providing exercise opportunities for your staff like for example:


  • Exercising during the working day improves productivity by re-energising your staff and increasing concentration

  • Classes provide internal networking opportunities

  • Lower rates of absenteeism and greater staff retention

  • A positive image for your company

  • General positive impact on your staff’s health and wellbeing

  • Can help decrease stress levels and reduce back pain and headaches.


Many companies choose between these options:


Option 1 – Company funds class


This could be part of your organisation’s employee benefits package and health and wellness strategy. It’s a low-cost, simple way to show company commitment to your employees’ health and wellbeing. An alternative to gym membership subsidy.


Option 2 – Subsidise the class for your employees


The company pays an amount towards the class. This could be included as part of your company employee benefits package. This would decrease the cost to your employees and show company commitment to their wellbeing.


Option 3 – Employees pay for the class


Simply nominate one person to organise collecting payment ahead of the classes (block bookings to keep it simple). This is still a low-cost option for your employees.


Type of Classes



Choose between Yoga, Pilates (Power, Chillax or Rhythm), Fit dance, HIIT, Stretching, Bikini Body Fit, Body Conditioning and more!



We only required Mats (for Yoga, Pilates and stretching classes) and a space in your office (conference room, lobby, etc). The company or students will need to provide these.

An alternative to the mat is a thick towel if there is carpet floor.