Prepare your body to the next level!


Exercise in a safe way during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. 

Release tension and pain in your hips. 

Strength your back posture and arms.

Strength your pelvic floor muscles for when you give birth.

Improving circulation, posture and general well being.

It will help in the post natal recovery process faster.


Start after 6 to 12 weeks after giving birth.

It is a gentle but effective workout.

Restore your abs and pelvic floors muscles after giving birth. 

Regain your strength and confidence.

Reactivate and stabilise the transversus abdominis, obliques and pelvic floor muscles.

We will check your Diastasis Rectis before starting any Pilates session.

Help your posture as your body had changed and also, stabilised your lumbar spine and pelvis.

Increase your energy levels and decrease anxiety.

Improve your circulation, relax your body

Your stress levels come down.

Reduce blood pressure.

Relieves strain on joints during pregnancy and reduces backache.

Strengthen the core muscles for a faster recovery.

Stronger muscles, especially the arms.


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